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Friday, September 19, 2014

"Jack Taylor" plus 2 more

Jack Taylor Season 1 (2010)

Ken Bruen's bestselling crime novels leap to life in this series of TV movies featuring Irish cop-turned-private-investigator Jack Taylor.

Starring: Iain Glen

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Real Humans Season 1 (2012)

This drama series set in a parallel universe imagines a world where robots have become so human that they're barely distinguishable from real humans.

Starring: Eva R��se, Natalie Minnevik, K��re Hedebrant, Leif Andr��e, Andreas Wilson, Josephine Alhanko, Johan Paulsen, Pia Halvorsen, Lisette Pagler, Andr�� Sj��berg

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Wallander Series 1 (2008)

In a picturesque and once-peaceful province of Sweden, disillusioned police inspector Kurt Wallander probes a shocking spate of baffling murders.

Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Sadie Shimmin, Kenneth Branagh, David Warner, Richard McCabe, Sarah Smart, Tom Beard, Polly Hemingway, Jeany Spark

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