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Friday, September 19, 2014

"Gordy" plus 3 more

Gordy (1995) - G

When talking pig Gordy rescues drowning boy Hanky Royce, a grateful Royce family names Gordy CEO of their lucrative company.

Starring: Michael Roescher, Tom Lester, Kristy Young, Tom Key, Ted Manson, Doug Stone, Deborah Hobart, Jon Kohler, Afemo Omilami, James Donadio

Directed by: Mark Lewis

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Rites of Spring (2! 011) - Unrated

After abducting a young girl for ransom, a band of kidnappers find the tables are turned as their hideout winds up being a house of horrors.

Starring: Shanna Forrestall, AJ Bowen, Sonny Marinelli, James Bartz, Katherine Randolph, Marco St. John, Hanna Bryan, Andrew Breland, Skylar Burke, Anessa Ramsey, Sarah Pachelli

Directed by: Padraig Reynolds

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Stoned (2005) - R

The last days of Rolli! ng Stones guitarist Brian Jones are depicted via a kaleidoscop! e of flashbacks chronicling the friendship that led to his demise.

Starring: David Morrissey, Amelia Warner, Monet Mazur, Luke de Woolfson, Paddy Considine, Tuva Novotny, Ben Whishaw, Leo Gregory

Directed by: Stephen Woolley

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The Seasoning House (2012) - Unrated

Angel, a deaf and mute orphan, is enslaved to care for the girls of the Seasoning House, who are forcefu! lly prostituted to the military.

Starring: Anna Walton, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Jemma Powell, Kevin Howarth, David Lemberg, Sean Pertwee, Alec Utgoff, Rosie Day

Directed by: Paul Hyett

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